Eco Shamanism

Becoming one with our Earth

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What is Land Eco Shamanism?

Land Eco Shamanism refers to our more general landwork. This may cover pilgrimage, the Celtic Festivals or Wheel of the Year, the Lunar Phases or the orbital dance of Venus and our Earth around the Sun. Our general ethic is that we engage with the spiritual element of our environment first and foremost, gain insight and instruction, then allow that to influence and direct our engagement.

We also work with the energies of the labyrinth which feature in some of our events. Of particluar note is our Venus labyrinth which features in our Venus workshops. A further Venusian offering is our Venus in the Constellations online meetings - here we look at how Venus is related to each of the zodiacal constellations she passes through over the course of a year or so.

We have been working with a dreaming practise for many years and are now inviting others to join us . . . a new offering from the Land tributary.

Rivers and pilgrimage. We have worked with rivers for many years, using pilgrimage as an act of conversation with the body of water in order to seek it's will, it's desire, and thereby understand how we can work with it's energies. We have walked through the legendary Hieros Gamos ritual colluding with the serpentine River Severn and currently we are busking our way along the lower reaches of the Usk River in South Wales to help untangle the knots we find snarling up the energies of it's soul . . . with our feet and thereby helping to heal (heel) with our souls (soles) that element of our Earth with which we are engaged. The next leg is from Glanusk to Talybont-on-Usk and possibly further.

Our pilgrimage work is associated to the Gatekeeper Trust's Wheel of Life project - Jane has written an article about her work with rivers in Somerset and Devon which you can read here. Mandy has written an account of the River Usk pilgrimage (so far) which can be read here.

Details of current workshops and pilgrimages below.