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Healing with Nature - Eco Mapping

Eco Mapping is a term used to describe an eco shamanism healing technique with an emphasis on nature and the middle world. In our Western culture the emphasis on shamanic healing often occurs 'indoors' where the practitioner works directly with spirit and those seeking healing. Eco Mapping asks that the client seeks healing 'outdoors' directly through nature with the practitioner 'holding space' and 'guiding' rather than being the source of the healing. This technique helps empower the client in their quest for healing and brings about a growing awareness of their connection to, and embodiment of, themselves as Earthly beings. It relies predominantly on oracular methods such as omens and divination and the use of the five senses as the connecting feed to our sixth sense of spirit. It is particularly relevant to eco shamanism.

This day is suitable for those who practise any alternative healing modality and is particularly useful to those who have either undergone or are in the process of undergoing shamanic practitioner training. It is also a useful tool for individuals as a way of connecting to the greater part of your own spirit which resides outside the body.

You will learn how to introduce the work to clients, the art of 'holding space' and 'being open' to signs and omens in our outer world whilst also practising the technique with others within the group. You will go home with an Eco Mapping template and be able to use it on the land or place near you. If you have attended a previous Eco Mapping day you may find it a useful top up and a chance to feel the work from a clients perspective whilst also receiving a healing yourself.

This workshop will run over two days at Millers Farm in the Forest of Dean. Millers Farm has 19 acres of sustainably managed land were flora and fauna are abundant in their natural settings - a brook winds it's way through the land and offers the integral aspect of moving water into the work.

Two concessionary spaces are available - please email if you would like to be considered for one.

All tuition and lunches are included in the cost. If you are travelling from some distance there is simple budget accommodation and camping available on site at extra cost. Other local accommodation options can be sent on request.

2022 - date to be confirmed

10.00am to 5.30pm Saturday / 9.30am to 4.30pm Sunday

Millers Farm, Blakeney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL15 4AP

Full Price: £140 - Concessions: £120

Deposit: £40 (non refundable)

Bookings via paypal button, or via bank transfer, will be available when we are able to meet safely.