Eco Shamanism

Becoming one with our Earth

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What is Plant Eco Shamanism?

Plant Eco Shamanism is an approach to working with the consciousness of plants using our perceptions and heart resonance. This weekend opens a way into being fully present and cognisant with these most magical beings. When we encounter plants in this way we fully engage with their presence, we fill with new understandings, vibrant feelings and ways of being which helps us 'become one with our earth'.

It is said that when a person needs a plant "it stands up where it grows, calling to you. That is why it is easy to find the medicine you seek". How many of us would be sensitive enough to perceive the plants most beneficial to our healing in times of illness? How can we resonate with plants and their spirits? Do plants respond to human speech, touch, smell . . . or thoughts, feelings, intentions? How can we move into a dialogue, or resonate, with plants?

We cannot live without plants . . . they are truly a cornucopia of knowledge, friendship, wisdom and healing. We will learn how our perceptions of plants change when we approach and commune with them from a feeling, or heart, sense - an invitation to the earthly realm of sensory plant perception. And also approach the practicalities of working with plants in this way, for the good of our Earth as well as our selves.

We run Hands on Herbals, workshops and weekends to 'be' with plants from an eco shamanic persepective.

Plant Circles - a regular group sharing of our experiences with plants. We hope resume this group later in 2022 or in the spring of 2023.

Our plant eco shamanism workshop and venue events will resume when the plants call us. If you'd like to be kept up to date please sign up to the newsletter below which includes all developments.