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Omens & Dreaming on the 12 Days & Nights of Christmas

A short online course using divination and dreaming during twelvetide to foresee our coming year.

20th December 2022 to 7th January 2023 with an extra session later in 2023

The twelve days of Christmas are a time out of time and provide a beautiful framework to divine and dream our coming year. In the last few decades, these days have often succumbed to the 24/7 culture which chips away at their inherent potential. Instead we feel that this time out of time is an opportunity to divine our future by seeking messages from the land, or our environment, and our dreamland. We do this by taking an omen walk and a night dream on each day of the twelve days and nights of Christmas from Boxing Day to Epiphany (January 6th). These omen walks and dream nights relate to each of the twelve months ahead. So Boxing Day relates to January, 27th December to February, 28th December to March and so on. We also walk and dream on the 13th day and night, on Distaff Day, which falls on 7th January and the omens and dreams we receive at that time relate to the whole year. Having followed this practise since 2013 we have a wealth of material to showcase it’s potential. Should walking not be possible we have other practises to replace them although the dreaming practise alone is often enough! On the other hand you may not receive a dream so the walking or other practise may be the one.