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Dreaming Practice - online

In the footsteps of Pisces

Dreaming shamanism

An online monthly group for dreaming practice - next one 12th September 7 - 9pm.

"I enjoyed the the dreaming group very much. I learned a lot about my dream and dreaming in general through your knowledge, guidance

and feedback from you and the other participants. In short - Magical!" Anne W

"It feels like reading a good book, each chapter/dream rich in imagery, humour and symbolism." M

Dreaming is one way of accessing and receiving messages from spirit. Unlike shamanic journeying it bypasses our ego and therefore our dreams tell us of a reality beyond human judgement. Our work in Eco Shamanism is often shaped and led by dreaming practise and so we are offering a monthly group in order for you to develop your dreaming skills. The very act of sharing dreams brings them into the aspect of our days more clearly and whilst this is witnessed by others it also helps bring them into action. There will be a good deal of discussion too!

We will be dreaming whilst the Moon is in the constellation of Pisces each month. The Moon spends between two and three nights in each constellation each month and we have chosen Pisces as it is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination and spirituality. We will meet on the following Monday, or moon day. If you don’t have a dream on any of those specific nights you are welcome to bring a dream from another time. We will share our dreams in order to gain insight and information as to our lives in the non dream world.

The dreaming dates - when the Moon is in Pisces for two or three nights - will be forwarded to you on booking each session. Remember that it is not essential that you have a dream on those dates! We will be giving tips on good dreaming practise and how to remember your dreams

You don’t need any dreaming or dream sharing experience to come along.

Our fees are £15 per session. The dates that we will meet are below and you are welcome to join us on an adhoc basis.

This dreaming practice group is held by Mandy and Jane.

If you have any quetions please email us here.