Eco Shamanism

Becoming one with our Earth


The Constant Cosmos Astrology Course

A 30 week course exploring astrology via your birth chart - accessing your spirit in the cosmos

Starts Wednesday 2nd October 2024 - 6 to 8pm - Online via zoom

Finishes 25th June 2025

If you'd like a taster for the course, try the Sacred Cosmology workshop on 7th September 2024

Are you inspired yet daunted by astrology? It can feel like another language and baffle us with its complexity. However, it can also unlock the depths of our spirit, the essence of who we are, bringing about a connection with the cosmos that gives us reasons as to why we are here . . . in this way . . . at this time.

This course is designed for beginners and those who know a little about astrology. You will learn how to explore your own personal astrology and the way in which, as a continuum, we are always at one with the cosmos. There will be an emphasis on 'orientation' and 'perception' to help you navigate the work and a strong emphasis on traditional astrology to help appreciate its divine harmony, symmetry and proportion. Traditional astrology comes from a time when astrology and astronomy were not considered separate from one another. This is not a course about becoming an astrologer although inevitably you will learn a great deal about astrology . . . it is a course to uncover, or realise, your cosmic purpose. It is all about you and your gifts and a new perspective that will hopefully transcend your idea of yourself and this wonderous universe of which we are a part . . . becoming one with our cosmos.

My aim is to simplify and clarify an understanding of astrology that relates directly to your birth chart, this being an astrological chart that is drawn for the moment and place of your birth. I like to call it your birth print -  it is unique to you, like a finger print. During my time teaching Eco Shamanism I was keen to stress the importance of our connection to our environment, mainly on a terrestrial (and atmospheric) level. With astrology I have extended this environment into the cosmos - the apparently miniscule pinpoints of lights we refer to as planets and stars act like homeopathic, or dilute, signatures of our character and personality, what we value, how we communicate and relate, our path or vocation, our interests and debilities and so forth. It is my experience, whilst following astrological aspects, that we are in complete alignment with these cosmological entities - we are simply, on the whole, not aware of them. Yet our alignment with our cosmos is profoudly and spiritually satisfying - it gives us a sense of largesse within our tiny world, a sense of being part of everything our consciousness can embrace.

An example of using astrology in this instance is the timing of this course. I have chosen a start time when there is a solar eclipse, when the Moon is in the sky with the Sun, specifically during the time of the first session. Solar eclipses, in astrology, can indicate turning points and major changes in life - it is a turning point in my life and, I hope, in yours too. This particutlar solar eclipse is happening in Libra, the constellation of harmony and balance, in the place of my ninth house which is about higher learning, faith and philosophy. Meanwhile, the Sun (the way I shine), the Moon (the way I intuit life) and Mercury (the way I communicate / teach) will be within 1° of the start of the ninth house. Venus (the way I love and relate) is on my mid heaven (my vocation / path) and Pluto (transformative energy) is on my south node (the gifts I brought with me into this life). Wednesday, the day on which the course will be run, is associated with Mercury - the picture below. The French for Mercury is Mercredi - Mercury is the messenger so it is a good day for relaying and receiving the work. There is more, but too much to include here. This is one example of how I use astrology to direct my actions - if the stars suggest a beneficial timing then I can chose to act at that time in alignment with my life choices. You too, by the end of the course, will be able to consult with the stars as to your past, present and future.


The course will run on Wednesdays 2nd October 2024 to 25th June 2025. Incidentally this last date is another New Moon . . . a new start when you can go out and explore on your own. There is a list of dates below.

Each session is 2 hours long on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8pm and will be recorded so that if you have to miss a session then you can catch up later.

There are 30 sessions divided into 6 modules of 5 sessions each. You will also receive 3 personal tutorials - to ask questions, clarify your understanding and disuss anything else you need.

There are optional assignments to complete - you'll get more out of the course if you complete these. They can be anything from written material, multiple choice, meditation/contemplation, dreaming, walking, the direct study of your birth chart, creative work and more.

The course is run through a Membership programme - a week or so before the course begins you will have access to the relevant Membership tier - this is where you will gain access to the recordings and assignments.

In my experience of running and attending courses, usually only about half of those who sign up attend the live sessions. I will be limiting the number who can apply with the expectation that not all will attend the live sessions. This thinking is to help provide a small and friendly class size where everyone can have a voice, or a say, whilst also allowing me to get to grips with many birth charts.

There is feedback from recipients of my more recent astrological workshops here.

Module subjects and calendar dates

All modules will take place on Wednesdays between 6 and 8pm. A simple guide to subject matter each week is below - these will fill out exponentially and possibly change order. 

You will have a personal tutorial following Modules One, Three and Five.

Christmas and Easter breaks (note Easter 2025 is late so the break will be pre Easter) - these are times of integration whereby you will be processing the course on a a deeper, perhaps spiritual, level - I recommend that you don't try and study during this time and let your consciousness attend to imbibing of all you have learned so far.

There are voluntary assignments to complete each week. You will gain a greater depth of understanding or experience by completing the assigments but they are not compulsory.