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Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Workshop

This workshop has now past - more workshops focussing on important astrological events will be posted as and when. A day workshop exploring the major Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus

Saturday 20th April 2024 - 10am to 4.30pm - Online via zoom

Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction at 21° in Taurus in the early hours of Sunday 21st April. As with all major conjunctions this is a signpost in the cosmos that affects us all on this beautiful oyster of a planet we have named Earth. The last 'conjunction' workshop I ran - Pluto in Aquarius (January 2024) - had Pluto and the Sun conjunct as the Sun entered Aquarius. This coming Jupiter Uranus conjunction is also occurring as the Sun enters a new sign, that of Taurus. These types of astrological phenomenon tend to flag up the beginnings of changes within civilisation and on a personal level, new ways of living and thinking.

Jupiter Uranus conjunctions are fairly common. However, they are not common in the sign of Taurus, the last one being in May 1941 when, during a stellium of other planets in Taurus, Alan Turing cracked the Enigma Code. This was a 'sudden' breakthrough which changed the course of WW2. Another notable event at this time was the birth of Bob Dylan, a free spirit (Uranian themes here) if ever there was one. During the workshop we will take a brief look at the two other historical conjunctions. In general the Jupiter Uranus conjunctions (in other constellations as well as Taurus) suggest breakthroughs, discoveries and innovations in science and technology together with revolutions, awakenings and new ideas in philosophy, religion and freedom/equality. From my own current experience I am aware that there appears to be a revelation within the realms of religion, particularly Christianity. I expect the breakthrough (Uranus) here to be aligned to our spiritual (Jupiter) appreciation of nature (Taurus).

In this workshop we will look at the area of your life (house placement) this conjunction occurs within, together with any notable aspects to other planets or points in your chart. We will look at the themes of expansion and growth (Jupiter), unexpected change (Uranus) and our relationship with our Earth (Taurus). Our understanding of the connections between seemingly distant stars and planets begins to deepen each time we consider our lives in the context of the myths and legends humans have developed around them over thousands of years.

For the above I will need the time, date and place of your birth - if you don't know the time I can dowse it for you - and in preparation you will need to spend a short amount of time in the contemplation of your understanding, beliefs and relationship with nature and perhaps our Earth in general. More details will be sent upon booking.

There will be some guided meditation (this will NOT involve any shamanic drumming) and the work will allow for some personal sharing and discussion. We will also peform a simple ceremony of dedication.

Feedback from recipients of the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction workshop

“Mandy generously and thoroughly prepared my astrological alignments before the workshop which gave me plenty to focus on before and during the session. She also gave us all relevant aspects to dive into during the break and to follow up in the afternoon. Her explanations and depth of knowledge were pertinent and incredibly useful. My interest and confidence in astrology has been rekindled and I will book a personal chart analysis following on from the  workshop.”

"Thank you for your well orchestrated, insightful and helpful Jupiter Uranus workshop today. The day flowed with sharing knowledge, enthusiasm and timing. We participants were perfectly paired to learn from each other no matter how complicated our situations and experiences were. And as a group talk we had another observational learning opportunity. Powerful stuff!"

"Thank you so much for today, Mandy… it really was revelatory."