Eco Shamanism

Becoming one with our Earth

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Eco Shamanism - Shifting Terrain

An ongoing and constantly changing event run by Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and Freya Davies

at Ragmans Lane Farm, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Next events - April 2022 and July 2022

Long weekends following themes of the times from an Eco Shamanic perspective - open to all. The next two events will delve into Eco Linguistics and Weather with an overlying theme of 'instinction' as opposed to extinction. Perceptions, perspectives and paradigms will be challenged whilst we explore "The greater part of the soul which is outside the body" (Sendivogius). Our back drop is our Earth, in which we find ourselves, over and over again. Earth's back drop is the great void of unconsciousness in which she finds herself, over and over again. Expect to come under a spell, spelt Earth.

Our practises revolve around various techniques including nature connection, dreaming, guided shamanic journeying, talking circles/councils, creativity/making and more. As our work is dream-led each weekend responds directly to 'source' - we trust this process. Our most recent weekend was based on Micro-intelligence (the smallest of lifeforms such as bacteria and viruses) and we were invited by spirit to run it in February 2020, one month before lockdown in March . . . when we listen we are blessed . . . the result is that we rarely know what will happen at the event until much nearer the time . . . having confidence in our practice helps us focus on what is needed at the time. Come with an open mind, spirit and body and feel connected back into source.

These stand alone events are open to all and there is no need for any experience of shamanism. However you may find knowing how to journey shamanically of some use. Click here to go to the 'Learn the Shaman's Journey' page.

Each long weekend is insanely good value at £360 which includes shared accommodation (or camping if you prefer) and meals from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. However, for those who would benefit from a reduced fee, we have two bursary spaces available at a discount so that the whole weekend is £270. We ask that you book your place with a non-refundable deposit of £60 below and the remainder is paid by bank transfer 2 months before each event (instalment payments can be arranged).


Each weekend begins with supper at 6.30pm on a Thursday and finishes between 3 and 4pm on Sunday.


Eco-Linguistics weekend - 7th to 10th April 2022

Weather Shamanism weekend - 21st to 24th July 2022

Cost per long weekend

Non-refundable deposit: £60

Full cost including deposit: £360

Bursary place including deposit: £270

Fees non refundable after one month prior to the weekends start.

If you prefer bank transfer (we do) please email us here.