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Ancient Ways for Now - Self Study

Ancient Ways for Now - Self Study

Our Ancient Ways for Now courses are designed to help you connect into the energies of our seasons, our moon and our daily clock particularly in relation to the place and space where you live.

This page features the on demand self study course which will be available from Samhain 2022, the beginning of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Our indigenous shamanism, or spirituality, has been buried under centuries of human ego which has covered up the ancient ways in which we respond to our environment and it’s spirit. ‘Ancient’ implies the past yet also something that has always been there, sitting at the root of us and all that is . . . within and beyond us. With this in mind we will encourage that root to begin to regrow, giving it water and warmth in the form of attention and ceremony, rebuilding that intention into our lives. This self study course will help you to follow how we change as our environment changes - as we sit in the wheel of the sun, the phases of the moon and the hours of the day.

This self study course will be available from Samhain (October) and cover the following seven festivals. Alternatively you can begin at the Winter Solstice or Imbolc - these three festivals are the most appropriate to begin your study. The study pack, which you will receive via email includes details of rituals, ceremonies and practices that are aligned with each festival and it’s corresponding moon phase and time of day or night. You will also receive a small (and intriguing) parcel through the post to help you with your study pack (UK only). There will be optional ceremonies and rituals to perform between each of the festivals involving the corresponding moon phases and day/night patterns. Experience of shamanism is not necessary for this course - it is more your awareness of the space and place where you live that matters.

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You will focus on:

accessing the ancient ways guided by our sun, moon and day;

bringing a state of awareness closer to home, both inside and out;

connecting more deeply with home, garden, green spaces, wild areas and their inherent spirit or consciousness;

becoming more sustainable, literally and spiritually;

lessening the sense of separation we may feel within our environments (and self);

becoming one with our Earth.

Candle - ecoshamanism

What you will learn about:

the sun points of the 8 seasonal festivals;

the 8 moon phases of the months;

the 24 hour shapes and patterns within our day and night;

how to practise the above in your locale with your own personal creativity;

rituals, ceremonies and traditions;

making mandalas and labyrinths;

aspects of plant lore;

and more.

What you will need:

an open heart, mind and body;

a willingness to be you rather than who you think others think you are;

a curiosity, no matter how tentative, that all beings are creative;

the courage to allow different perceptions, perspectives and paradigms to exist both within you and outside of you;

access to some outdoor space, be that an open window or a mountain range.

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What you will receive:

a study pack via email;

a copy of the ebook “Sun, Moon & Clock;

a small parcel of gifts from our Earth with which to work (UK only);

a template to continue the work following your years study;

the gratitude of those other beings we so often pass by.