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Eco Shamanism - Ancient Ways for Now

An online year course following the seasonal wheel of the year re-membering our lives with the energies of the Sun, the Moon and our daily clock

With Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and Freya Davies

The 2021 course is in progress - we are reformatting the course and will be offering it again shortly - if you'd like to be kept abreast of these developments please sign up to the newsletter here.

The course will run over the 8 solar festivals - we will update this page soon.

Eco Shamanism Sun Moon Clock

Our indigenous shamanism, or spirituality, has been buried under centuries of human ego which has covered up the ancient ways in which we respond to our environment and it’s spirit. ‘Ancient’ implies the past yet also something that has always been there, sitting at the root of us and all that is . . . within and beyond us. With this in mind we will encourage that root to begin to regrow, giving it water and warmth in the form of attention and ceremony, rebuilding that intention into our lives. This course will encourage you to follow how we change as our environment changes - as we sit in the wheel of the sun, the phases of the moon and the hours of the day. We will work from the start of spring, Imbolc, and the matching energies of the crescent new moon and the time between 12 and 3 on the clock, be it night or day. Continuing through the seasonal festivals, we will end with the Winter Solstice and the Dark Moon and the hour of 12, in the gap between this year and the next, ready to move from this ‘now' to the next 'now’. Some of you may already mark these times in which case please bring your indigeneity along as an offering to help others on this path.

The course will consist of individual and group work throughout the day on and off the screen. You will receive some small (and intriguing) packages through the post during your time on the course. There will be optional ceremonies and rituals to perform between each of our meetings. Experience of shamanism is not necessary for this course - beginners are welcome.

Dates, times & costs

Each meeting will happen online on, or near, the seasonal festival of the sun for a short weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm with a one hour lunch break.

Full cost: tbc

2 bursary spaces for 18-30 year olds: tbc

You can book a place with an £tbc deposit below (non refundable) - the remaining fees to be paid by banktransfer - can be paid in instalments.

Wheel of time - Eco Shamanism


Imbolc/Candlemas - tbc

Spring Equinox - tbc

Beltane/May Day - tbc

Summer Solstice - tbc

LammaslLughnasadh - tbc

Autumn Equinox - tbc

Samhain/Hallowe'en - tbc

Winter Solstice - tbc