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Venerable Venus - online

Venus in the Constellations

An online gathering working with the planet Venus in each of the astrological constellations.

Venus, like all the planets in our solar system, moves through the different constellations, the panoply of stars that sit behind it. The constellations form our zodiac and each time Venus passes across the face of each of the constellations she has an effect on our Earth . . . on us. Constellations are groupings of stars deep in space which take the shape of animals, stories and beings from mythology. Each constellation and it's myth carries a rich history and meaning so when Venus, our planet of love and harmony, enters one we can begin to seek out how we relate to that myth.

We will be working with the myth associated with each constellation. Within each myth there will be a balancing, or harmony, to be sought which we can then apply to our everyday lives. At the time of our birth Venus will have been in one of the constellations and so this one will have a particular piquancy for you (if you don't know your Venus placement we will advise you following booking) . . . we will seek to understand how we operate in general by taking the hand of Venus as she guides us around the starry skies.

You do not need any experience or understanding of astrology to attend!

If you can't make all the dates we will send information for the constellation for the day(s) so that you can work with them on an individual basis - we will be happy to answer questions too.

The course will be held by Mandy and Jane.

If you have any quetions please email us here.